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In addition to the Pet Health Care Library, we have provided the following links to websites that provide some great information on a variety of topics related to veterinary medicine and pet health care. We will update this page frequently, and would love to hear your ideas on links that you would like to see us add to this page to share with other pet owners. Feel free to send us your favorites. If we like them, we will add them to our list!

  • American Veterinary Medical Association  This site is a good starting point to learn more about a variety of topics, including feline injection-site sarcomas and the latest subjects in veterinary medicine.
  • Faithful Companion  Pet cremation services.
  • Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement  We have all experienced the pain of losing a pet. The Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement has set up this site for support during this most difficult time. You will find inspirational stories, grief counseling resources, hotline number and many other resources.
  • Behavior problems  Founded by Brian Kilcommons and Sharon Wilson, best-selling authors and recognized experts on animal training and behavior, this site is a terrific resource for advice on a variety of behavioral problems. If you want to learn more about feline housesoiling, barking dogs, aggression, or any other behavioral problem, check this one out!                  
  • Bowzee Wowzee  Fort Mill area's premier boarding facility. 
  • Canine Diabetes  The information within these pages is intended to be a starting point for owners of newly diagnosed dogs. You will find a lot of great information about Canine Diabetes to assist you in the proper care and treatment of your diabetic dog.
  • Cindy's Pet Sitting  In home pet sitting services provided in Tega Cay and Fort Mill.
  • Choosing a new puppy  This is a nice starter guide of things that you should consider when you are thinking about getting a puppy.
  • Dental Health  This site contains a variety of resources and informative pages regarding your pet's dental health.  Information is available for pet owners, kids and even professionals seeking the most up to date information from the American Veterinary Dental College.
  • Feline Chronic Renal Failure  This website contains information about Chronic Renal Failure in our feline patients, both proven and suspected. It includes information on the most recent research into CRF causes, symptoms and treatment options.
  • Feline Diabetes  This site contains valuable information for pets recently diagnosed with feline diabetes to help our clients understand the disease and assist you in treatment.
  • Heartworm Society    Everything you ever wanted to know about heartworm disease can be found here! 
  • National Animal Poison Control Center  This is the website of the National Animal Poison Control Center. It includes a library, links to other sites, and phone numbers for the poison control center.
  • Piedmont Kennel Club  An AKC sanctioned all-breed club, the Piedmont Kennel Club exists to support and enhance the dog fancy in the Piedmont region of North and South Carolina. In addition, PKC sponsors a number of puppy socialization classes, conformation handling classes, and a various dog events each year.
  • Rainbow Bridge  Anyone who has ever lost a pet should visit this wonderful site. It is a terrific tribute to our lost family members.
  • Veterinary Schools in the US  This is a great link to all of the websites of veterinary schools in the United States.